Aloe Vera

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Aloe Vera

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“Consistency is key for clear skin.”

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What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera has become one of the most-used used natural extracts in skincare products, and for good reason… This plant-based ingredient has been shown to provide soothing, healing and skin-protective benefits that can be helpful for those dealing with acne. A cactus-like succulent native to north Africa and the Arabian peninsula, aloe vera’s use as a traditional remedy for cuts, abrasions, inset bites and other skin irritation dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece, India, China, Japan and Mexico. In fact, the first documentation of aloe vera use was found in Mesopotamian tablets from 2100 BCE. Aloe vera has been continually used to alleviate a variety of skin concerns between these ancient civilizations and modern times, and the U.S. FDA officially approved topical aloe vera for the treatment of inflammation in 1983.

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FAQs About Aloe Vera

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