Skincare As A Self-Care Ritual

Skincare As A Self-Care Ritual

Skincare As A Self-Care Ritual

As we step into a new year, many of us are probably starting to think of new self-care habits and how to take care of ourselves more in the coming year. The holidays make it easy to forget our healthier habits and forgo them for a bit of overindulging. And although those moments are probably much needed, the new year gives us the ability to reset and make better decisions for our overall well-being.

As we begin to think about how to care for ourselves better next year, it's easy to think of self-care as expensive massages and facial treatments. Although that is one way to care for ourselves, self-care is often simply about keeping daily promises to ourselves and doing the not-so-fun things that improve our lives in the long term. And when it comes to skincare, consistency is key, making it imperative to keep our skincare as part of our daily routine.

So here are some reasons why skincare can be your new self-care routine and why it's so important.


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Self-care means different things to every individual, but it is ultimately a practice that allows you to take time to take care of your overall mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual health. It could be taking the time to do fun things that make you feel good or even not-so-fun things like eating healthier because you know that it's better for you in the long run. Self-care is balancing taking care of yourself in the short and long term and ultimately doing what you need to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. 


When we're running around all day, we often don't take a few minutes to be mindful. A skincare routine allows us 5-10 minutes a day of uninterrupted time every day to do something for ourselves. It helps us look at ourselves in the mirror and send a powerful message that what we are doing for ourselves is an act of kindness that our future self will thank us for.



There's no reason your skincare ritual needs to be boring. Make it something you look forward to every morning and evening! Perhaps you light a scented candle, play your favorite song, or even use it as a time to sing karaoke in the mirror. This simple act should be something you look forward to every day (or most days).


There are many things we don't have control over in our lives. We can't control the pandemic or what's going on globally, but we can control what we do daily to take care of ourselves and our skin.

We're all home a lot more than we used to be, and there's a loss of routine and structure that comes with that.  Daily habits send a powerful message to our brains that we have a sense of control over our lives and even give us a sense of accomplishment.

And what could feel better than seeing your skin looking more clear, hydrated, and youthful as you put in the work to improve it every day?

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